Report: Experts Conclude Recent Drop in Bee Population “Really Stings”

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In a 118 page paper published in twelve peer-reviewed academic journals, melittologist Dr. Polly Nayte decisively concluded that the recent drop in bee population “really stings.” Her research, which studied 2,000 bee species over a twenty year period, unequivocally suggested that loss of bees is a true stinger for the environment and humanity.

“Bees are an absolutely integral part of agriculture,” Nayte explained in an interview with The Sweaty Penguin. “The plants for many of our favorite foods cannot grow without bees to pollenate them. If you like coffee, vanilla, and most nuts, fruits, and vegetables, then you had better start to think about saving the bees.”

In conducting this study, Nayte aimed to start some buzz with regard to the issues facing bees today. “I know people hate bee stings, but it’s not worth losing such a significant portion of our world. Even if you don’t like those foods, the bees are still part of your ecosystem, and without them, everything will fall apart.”

When asked about the most memorable part of conducting her research, Nayte described a particularly gorgeous field of flowers she encountered while studying the relationship between bees and plants. She bravely carried a hive of bees in her hands when she walked out to the field, and before she let them go, she had commented on how beautiful the flowers appeared to be. Sources confirm that at that moment, beauty was in fact in the eyes of the bee holder.

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