Environment Win: This School Made Their Recycling Bin Larger Than Their Trash Bin

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Wow! Here’s a story that proves that anyone is capable of being an environmental hero! In a world where so many people never stop to think which bin to put their paper, plastic, and cardboard into, this Delaware elementary school inspired us all. Rather than using bins of equal size, this fine learning institution has made the incredible step of making their recycling bin larger than their trash bin!

Faith in humanity restored! With these different sized bins, students will without a doubt stop and think about which items they should recycle and which they should put in the trash. What an innovation! By growing their recycling bin, students will make sure their paper is deinked and recycled, their metal and glass is melted and reshaped, and their plastic is grinded and reused. Those landfills are about to get smaller than ever! We at The Sweaty Penguin can’t wait to see what this elementary school does next! Maybe make a bin for compostable items?

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