Really? New Study Finds Dark Chocolate May Be the Cure to Climate Change? Cool I Guess?

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Dark chocolate lovers out there, get ready for some exciting news. This past Monday, an article was published in a scientific journal with the headline “Dark Chocolate and the Environment,” which we at The Sweaty Penguin can only assume to mean that dark chocolate is the new cure for climate change. Yum!


The study, sponsored by Hershey’s Chocolate, showed that people who ate dark chocolate were more likely to recycle than those who did not eat dark chocolate. Though there was no foundation for causal reasoning established, the scientists who published the study claim that dark chocolate releases a magical chemical called dopamine which can turn you into a more sustainable person.


Test subjects who ate dark chocolate also reported higher happiness levels, lower resting heart rates, and reduced chance of male pattern baldness. The study suggested people incorporate two to four grams of dark chocolate into their daily diets for the best benefits.

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