Hey, Babe, Do You Want Me to Recycle This Jar, Or Should I Put It in the Trash And Let It Produce Methane in a Landfill?

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Hey, babe, I just finished the mayonnaise. Do we recycle jars, or do we put them in the trash and let them produce methane in a landfill?

I know we usually just throw stuff in the trash, but I was just thinking maybe I should recycle this jar. You know, if we send it to a landfill, it’ll just add to the stockpile of microorganisms making landfill gas, which is like half methane. I’m not sure though, you tell me. Usually the recycling is all bottles and cans, so I can’t remember if jars are allowed in there. Hmm, I don’t know. Do you want me to look it up? Or would that be too much trouble?

Oh, right, maybe I should wash the jar out first. Oh, but that would waste fresh water. I don’t know, what’s worse, wasting water or producing methane? What do you think babe? I’ll just defer my judgment to you, since you usually know this stuff. If I threw the jar in the recycling without washing it out, would that be okay? Where does the recycling even go?

Hey, babe, what about the label on the jar? Do I need to take that off before I recycle it? I mean, I don’t know. No, it’s stupid. Well, I mean, I guess I was just thinking because I know some materials are allowed in recycling and some aren’t and I just wasn’t really sure what kind of material that is. I think paper is allowed, right? Wait, but what about the adhesive stuff? What even is that?

Oh, wait, I think there’s actually a little bit of mayonnaise left in the jar. I don’t think anybody’s going to use it. Do you want it? Or should I just put it in the trash? You know, we should really actually be composting it. You know, 40% of food generated is wasted in America. I mean, I know most of it is from supermarkets and people not wanting to buy produce with bruises or anything, but I don’t want to be part of that. Or at least, let’s compost it into something useful. How would we get it composted? We only have two bins. Do you know how that works babe?

Ugh, I give up. I’ll just leave it on the counter here, you can decide.

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