Panicked MasterChef Contestant Has Catastrophic Oil Spill

Panicked MasterChef Contestant Has Catastrophic Oil Spill

While cooking a cajun fried chicken entree in her MasterChef debut, Pamela Kukingzprae of Delaware was reported to have a huge oil spill in the kitchen. “I was flipping my chicken in the pan when, all of the sudden, I knocked my elbow into the handle and all of the oil came flying at me, at the counter, at the floor. There was oil everywhere. I was terrified,” recounted Kukingzprae.

“15 minutes in and her chicken wasn’t frying yet? No wonder she had that kind of blunder. We know who will make it another week for her outrageous personality, but won’t take home the MasterChef crown,” said an avid fan of the show in an email to The Sweaty Penguin.

At press time, The Sweaty Penguin reporters noticed that the oil had made its way out of the kitchen and all the way to the Pacific Ocean. “I know it isn’t, but it just feels hotter,” one reporter astutely observed.

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