China Just Built a Solar Farm Shaped Like a Giant Panda. Not to Be Outdone, America Built a Solar Farm Shaped Like Pat Sajak!

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Less than two weeks ago, China had completed and turned on their newest solar farm, which they built to look like a 250-acre panda. In addition to shaping the panels to form a panda’s body, China utilized different colored panels to give the stark appearance of the native animal. Not to be outdone, however, the United States announced this morning that they had called China’s panels and RAISED them a brand new American solar farm which appeared to be a giant Pat Sajak.


The Pat Sajak solar farm, spanning a vast 275 acres in Idaho, will reduce around 3 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions in the next quarter-century, equating to well over a millions tons of saved coal. And while it does that, American patriots can fly over the field and gaze into the eyes of the famed star of America’s game, Wheel of Fortune. And just like the show, everyone in the US will be making money off the esteemed host as the solar panels save huge amounts of cash for proud Americans to buy vowels or a free trip to Costa Rica!!!

At press time, the United States had begun construction of windmills which resembled the Wheel of Fortune wheel, where passersby could stop to give it a spin. Weirdly enough, when a representative from Amazon spun the wheel, she landed on a wild card which simply read “Whole Foods.”

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