Someone Just Compiled a Definitive Ranking of the Types of Bananas, And You WON’T BELIEVE IT!

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Well I like bananas just as much as the next person, but this guy just took banana fandom to a whole new level and it’s BREAKING THE INTERNET! That’s right, this lone wolf just compiled a definitive ranking of every single type of banana. I mean, talk about dedication! The Sweaty Penguin heard that one criterion for the ranking was the environmental impact of the banana type, so we just had to publish this groundbreaking story. Check it out:

1. Yellow Banana

Well, there’s really nothing better than a nice yellow banana. Tastes good, and the outside makes a great compost. Cool!

2. Brown Banana

It looks gross, but there’s a chance that you’ll luck out with a ripe inside when you break open a brown banana. The mushy parts are gross, but you can eat around it. And definitely compost it when you finish.

3 (tie). Green Banana and Black Banana

Tied for third are the green banana and the black banana. The black banana usually goes straight into the compost because nobody wants to eat it, whereas the green banana can be put to the side and eaten in a few days, where the peel will also go in the compost. Either way, it is getting composted, and that’s just great.

Well, that concludes the ranking. Pretty neat, huh? It’s not every day you see a banana fan as hardcore as this one!

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