Hey, Babe, Should I Buy a Recycled Paper Notebook, Or Just Allow a Tree to Get Cut Down So We Can Have a Fresh One?

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Hey, babe, I’m heading out to an office supply store (editor’s note: if you are the CEO of Staples or OfficeMax or something reading this and you want your company here, we accept cash, check, or credit) to pick up a notebook to jot some notes down in at my next meeting at work. Should I buy a recycled paper notebook or just allow a tree to get cut down so we can have a fresh one?

I mean, I’ve felt the recycled paper before and honestly, it feels just like regular paper. You really wouldn’t notice the difference. If it weren’t for the label on the notebook saying recycled paper, we might not even be having this conversation. I feel like recycled paper just feels cheap though, I don’t know. Like the person who wrote on it before you is more important than you are? Maybe I’m being silly, what do you think?

No no no, it’s totally completely up to you. I mean, I trust your judgment over the oxygen to carbon dioxide ratio of the air we breathe. Who really cares if we destroy a forest and the entire population of animals living within it who no longer have a home? If I have a fresh new notebook, that’s pretty cool too, right?

I don’t know, it doesn’t seem like a huge inconvenience to get a recycled paper notebook. It’s actually closer to the register at the store I’m going to. And I’m sure I won’t notice the difference. It’ll be fine. Well, unless you think it isn’t fine, because I want to be sure you agree before I do it. What do you think?

I agree, this is a tough one.

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