6 Ways to Incorporate the Sonic Slinger Into Your Diet

6 Ways to Incorporate the Sonic Slinger Into Your Diet

Well, it looks like sustainability is the best road to flavor after all! Sonic Drive-In has begun launching a brand new burger recipe, the Sonic Slinger, which is 25-30% mushroom and a much lower beef content, which tests show give the burgers far more flavor and a reduction in beef. We at The Sweaty Penguin are excited to try the Slinger, so much so that we have compiled a list of six ways to incorporate this revolutionary burger into your diet.

1. On a Bun

Well, you can never forget the classic burger, stuck right in between two round pieces of bread. Cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, ketchup, mustard, relish, bacon, a fried egg, an entire ham, all the works. The bun is always a good option to store this healthy, sustainable patty.

2. On a Pizza

Who needs pepperoni when you can crumble an entire burger on your pizza? If there’s anything better than a meaty pizza pie, it’s a pizza pie with the Sonic Slinger on it! Get one today!

3. In a Salad

Who said salad needs to be just vegetables? With a Sonic Slinger, your salad will go from a bore to an I want more. Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, burger, and balsamic? Talk about flavor!

4. In a Milkshake

Can you spell Y-U-M? Mix up that milkshake with a little Sonic Slinger and you’ll get the most gourmet treat you’ve ever had! Nothing goes together better than sweet and savory, am I right? Milkshake and Sonic Slinger, you might just be the next chicken and waffles.

5. Blended And Poured Into an Iced Caramel Latte

Keeping with the sweet and savory trend, this new recipe might be a new big hit! After you get your iced caramel latte from the coffee shop of your choice, don’t forget to dump in your Sonic Slinger for the ultimate burst of flavor. It’s meat, it’s coffee, it’s mushroom, it’s DELICIOUS!

6. Stuffed Inside a Mushroom

Nothing goes better with a 25-30% mushroom burger than an entire mushroom! This combo is honestly too good to be true. For an extra flavor boost, consider sprinkling some smaller mushrooms on top to really drive the dish home.

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