Samsung Galaxy S8 Wins Top Environment Certificate For Releasing Eco-Friendly Gasses Upon Battery Explosion

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After a minor blunder where phones burst into flames inside users’ pockets, Samsung is proud to have just received the Top Environment Certificate for the Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone. This phone is the first smartphone to ever win the Top Environment Certificate, likely due to the ingenious innovation of Samsung where the phone releases eco-friendly gasses when it catches fire spontaneously.

“When the phone batteries started catching fire, we realized we had two options,” explained Samsung representative Samantha S. Ung in an email to The Sweaty Penguin. “We could have created phones that did not combust, or we could, and this was really interesting, engineer phones that released eco-friendly gasses when they inevitably caught on fire. While most customers were disappointed by our decision to choose the latter, we feel that it is our duty to help the environment to the best of our ability here at Samsung.”

And Samsung did just that, sources report. Samsung designed earphone cases with recyclable materials and created phones with remarkable battery efficiency. In addition, the gasses being released by these cell phone miracles will not only freshen up our atmosphere, but might actually heal the entire ozone layer after all. Way to go, Samsung!

Ung reports that Samsung plans to continue to make environmentally friendly advances in their company. The next step is a charger that will magically unplug itself from the wall after being used, since just because something isn’t being charged doesn’t mean electricity isn’t being wasted.

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