The Sweaty Penguin’s Earth Overshoot Day Cards

The Sweaty Penguin’s Earth Overshoot Day Cards

Nothing is more stressful than the holidays, which is why here at The Sweaty Penguin, we are dedicated to helping our loyal readers make it through big days like today. Today, August 2nd, is Earth Overshoot Day: the day where humankind has consumed more resources than the planet can renew in the year 2017. This holiday, coming earlier in the year than ever before, is an important time for humans all over the world, which is why we have created cards for any Earth Overshoot Day occasion.



For Him or Her:

for him or her

For Dad:

for dad

For Mom:

for mom

Get Well:

get well



Well, that does it for our Earth Overshoot Day celebration here at The Sweaty Penguin. Make sure to wish all your loved ones a happy Earth Overshoot Day.

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