“An Inconvenient Sequel” Flops in the Box Office, But Still Wins the Popular Vote

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In a very rare sequence of events, the movie An Inconvenient Sequel managed to perform the unthinkable: flop in the box office, but still win the popular vote. Sources were shocked to find that while a plurality of viewers liked the movie the best, An Inconvenient Sequel still managed to lose out in the box office tallies.

“Everyone knows that the box office counts opinions with an electoral college system,” explained guy selling popcorn at your local theater Beau Xophiss. “We count the opinions of each state around the country, then movie industry representatives from each state vote in a second election to find a winner.”

Florida-born Elizabeth Ashley recalls her experience casting the final vote in an email to The Sweaty Penguin. “The vote was just so close. We were recounting and recounting and recounting. I truly feel like a part of history.”

When voting as a representative of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger reported having to take a step out of the room to briefly use the bathroom. The chairman briefly expressed concern before Schwarzenegger assured everyone, “I’ll be back.”

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