You Can Now Buy a Home Next to the Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica, AKA THE BEST WATERSLIDE IN THE WORLD

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OMG! Word from The Sweaty Penguin real estate consultants are in, and you won’t believe what we just heard! Antarctica is now opening up houses right along the Ross Ice Shelf, which means you and your family can enjoy living right next to the BEST WATERSLIDE IN THE WORLD!

That’s right. Step aside waterparks because this all natural waterslide is the best accessory to any neighborhood since the neighbor’s daughter joined the girl scouts. After a brief stop at the inner tube rental store, you can hop right onto the Ross Ice Shelf and slide with all the melting ice into the Southern Ocean.

But get ready for some breakneck speeds, because this liquid roller coaster goes FAST. As the climate gets warmer and the seas get darker, water will be pouring like a rocket off the mainland and into the sea. Hold on tight, because you will be going faster than you’ve ever gone in your entire life. You might even break the sound barrier!

Houses along the waterslide start at two million Antarctic dollars, with ones a half hour drive away going for one and a half million Antarctic dollars. The houses are fully equipped with air conditioners for the warming climate, so your pet penguin will not have to sweat.

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