Environmental Hero: The Moon Just Flew in Front of the Sun to Cool Off the Planet For a Couple Minutes

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WOW! If you thought Superman was a hero, then take a step back because this courageous cosmo just saved the ENTIRE PLANET from looming disaster. That’s right. After seeing the Earth heating up for years and years, the moon decided to make a pit stop on its never ending journey around the planet to block the sun for a couple minutes and cool the Earth off a little bit.

Unbelievable! With a little bit of shade, people got to cool off, feel the first summer breeze of 2017, and actually enjoy the outdoors! We at The Sweaty Penguin can only imagine how much blazing sun the moon had to endure to give us earthlings this precious gift. Lavish Luna, we are forever in debt to you.

We’re doing a really great job at combatting climate change right now, but just in case, moon, could you be a doll and swing back around in 2024? You da best.

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