Mineral Carbon International’s New Plan to Store Carbon Emissions in Concrete Have People Asking, “Wait, But What About That White Concrete Idea?”

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The Sweaty Penguin has received reports that Australian company Mineral Carbon International has officially begun work on a new plan to capture excess carbon in the atmosphere and store it inside concrete used for roads and building, with plans to be fully in production by 2020. This project may serve as a possible answer to the longtime question of “If we can remove carbon from the atmosphere, where can we store it,” but people still seem to be confused as to whether or not the white concrete project will still happen along with this.

“I swear I saw a video on Facebook talking about how if all roads are painted white, the sunlight will be reflected into the atmosphere and the planet will be cooled off tremendously,” recalled Sydney, Australia resident Hugh F. Dakonkreet. “This carbon capture thing sounds cool and all, but I really liked that other idea. Why aren’t they doing that?”

White roads would not only reflect sunlight, but also cool off the concrete itself, creating a much more pleasant outdoor experience. Unfortunately, due to the reflecting of the sunlight, a white road system could make the outdoors brighter, and even direct the sun directly at the drivers at certain angles.

“Don’t worry about that, though,” Dakonkreet added. “Don’t tell anyone, but I did glance at the eclipse a couple times without the glasses and I was fine,” he stated in a very soft whisper.

While some might value the progress of the project to begin removing carbon as quickly as possible, we here at The Sweaty Penguin predict the next step for Mineral Carbon International will be creating a viral Facebook video for Internet users to ooh and aah over.

At press time, roads officially became obsolete and Elon Musk’s hyperloops became the primary method of travel.

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