Wild Salmon Launch Their Own Airline

Wild Salmon Launch Their Own Airline

North America’s wild salmon have joined forces to launch their own airline to assist with the crossing of dams. One of the trailblazers of the airline, Salmon Pete the Pilot, gave an exclusive interview with the Sweaty Penguin’s team.

“Young salmon can sometimes make their way down a dam though not always, but it’s nearly impossible for a salmon to get back up one,” said Salmon Pete the Pilot, “Dams range from 15 to 150 meters tall, so this will allow salmon to travel easily.”  

Salmon Pete the Pilot said that he and his team considered many names for the airline, including Salmon Spirit Airlines and Salmon JetBlue, but ultimately settled on Salmon American Airlines. 

Salmon will board one of Salmon American Airlines’ Boeing 747s in one of many Salmon Airports, equipped with amenities like Salmon Starbucks, Salmon Cinnabon and Salmon Duty Free Shop.

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  1. Will Pollock says:

    I’d fly that airline but tell Salmon Pete *not* to fly Boeing 737 Max for obvious reasons 🙂

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