3 Solutions to Power Plant Climate Impacts That Are All Just Building Another Power Plant

Power plants contributed to the climate disasters that cause New Jersey power outages. The obvious solution to those outages: power plants!


New Jersey has seen an unprecedented wave of climate change effects, most notably Hurricane Sandy in 2012 which caused the Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission to lose power and spill over 800 million gallons of raw sewage into the river. That’s why Jersey’s best and brightest have come up with several innovative solutions to lessen the effects of the natural disasters caused by Newark’s two existing power plants.

  1. 1 Build a power plant.

    This solution seems obvious, but let me break it down anyway. The first 2 power plants emitted harmful gases into the earth’s atmosphere, causing more extreme weather like hurricanes which caused power outages. And everyone need power, so solution to power outage is to build new power plant. Get it?

  2. 2 Build a plant that will provide power.

    Basically, climate change caused by power plants causes people to lose power. That’s why we need to erect a building called a plant to generate more of the power that was lost. Yes, it will contribute to climate change more, causing more power outages, but ultimately also SOLVING those power outages it will have caused. Duh!!

  3. 3 Construct a facility that uses gas to supply electricity to wastewater treatment plants when climate disaster strikes.

    Bonus points if it’s less than a mile away from an elementary school!

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Maddy Schmidt


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