What Are Mangrove Forests and Why Are They Under Threat?

These special coastal trees provide fish nurseries, a buffer from storms, and a carbon sink that stores away 10% of current global emissions.

Source: PxHere

Mangroves are the only type of tree that can grow in saltwater, but that barely scratches the surface of why they’re special. These tropical coastal forests protect the adjacent land from storms, provide nurseries for young fish, and sequester enough carbon to account for 10% of global emissions. But mangroves are being destroyed left and right from sources like coastal development, wood harvesting, and even shrimp farms, meaning one of our best defenses against climate change could be gone in the not-too-distant future. Today, we explore what mangroves do, why they’re under threat, and where we go from here. With special guest Dr. Margaret Awuor Owuor: Lecturer in the School of Environment, Water, and Natural Resources Management at South Eastern Kenya University.

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