5 Terrible Animal Names That Are Still Preferable to Scrotum Frog

The scrotum frog is endangered, but hopefully that name goes extinct!


As part of an effort to save endangered species, a British zoo has now begun displaying the scrotum frog, named from their saggy folds of excess skin used to absorb oxygen in deep water. Poor scrotum frog. Here are 5 terrible animal names that are still preferable to scrotum frog.

  1. 1 Spiny Lumpsucker

    These fish are spiny and lumpy. Imagine a football with spikes on it. They have a wide mouth, huge lips and protruding eyes, like a caricature of Big Ange.

  2. 2 Goblin Shark

    Goblin sharks don’t guard a bridge and ask riddles like their land-dwelling counterparts. Instead, they patrol the deep seas, and troll for smaller fish to ambush and devour with nail-like teeth. Stay under continental slopes, please!

  3. 3 Ice Cream Cone Worm

    Sounds appetizing, but these monsters create their own transparent exoskeleton out of sediment, exposing their organs, blood and veins. Yummy!

  4. 4 Raspberry Crazy Ant

    This isn’t my kooky Auntie Rasberry. These are insects originating from South Africa that have become an invasive species in the Southern United States.

  5. 5 Hellbender

    The Hellbender sounds like a part of a hardcore biker gang, but unfortunately they’re just the largest amphibian in North America. Herpetologists think the name is derived from the salamander’s almost 3 foot long frame, causing it to resemble “a creature from hell… bent on returning,” reminiscent of “horrible tortures of the infernal regions.” Scary indeed.

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