Orangutans: The “Gardeners of the Forest” Are Endangered

Forest loss, poaching, and climate change are threatening orangutans, and a long-term solution may require some thinking outside the box.

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Would you rather fight a chicken to the death every time you get in the car or fight an orangutan once a year, but you get a sword?

Today, orangutans are confined to just two islands in Indonesia and Malaysia, and due to forest loss, poaching, and climate change, they’re endangered. And although there’s tons of conservationists doing interesting work to protect orangutans, finding a long-term solution for the species may require us to think more outside the box. Today, we explore why orangutans are important, what threats they face, and how we need to reframe these issues in order to identify a path forward. With special guest Dr. Liana Chua: Tunku Abdul Rahman Lecturer in Malay World Studies at the University of Cambridge.

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