What Are Smart Grids, And How Can They Reach Their Full Potential?

Smart grids aim to supply electricity in an eco-friendly, cost-efficient way, but actually achieving that presents some challenges.

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What is your favorite "smart" thing?

When people flick a light switch, they expect the light to turn on. And supplying enough electricity to meet that expectation in a climate-friendly, cost-efficient way is a major challenge, which led to the invention of the smart grid—an electrical grid where suppliers also receive data back from customers to help them distribute electricity and avoid power outages. But as promising as this technology seems, there are also some aspects of smart grids that are worth discussing to ensure they don’t become issues, such as cybersecurity and integrating decentralized renewable energy. Today, we explore some of these smart grid dilemmas and consider how to ensure smart grids live up to their full potential. With special guest Dr. Ankit Kumar: Lecturer in Development and Environment at The University of Sheffield.

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2 comments, 3 shares
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