Natural Gas Compressor Stations: Carbon Emissions Aren’t the Only Issue Facing Gas

A break down of what compressor stations are, why they're harmful, and how to regulate them or make them obsolete.

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Source: Steve Knight

Whether it’s for heat, cooking, or electricity, most Americans use natural gas regularly. But before arriving at your home, natural gas traveling through a long pipeline enters a compressor station, and compressor stations release greenhouse gases, neurotoxins, carcinogens, and an absurd amount of noise. To make matters worse, compressor stations are disproportionately built in low income and minority communities, causing devastating economic and health impacts. Today, we break down what compressor stations are, why they’re harmful, and some ideas to both regulate them and make them obsolete. We’re joined by Nell Curtin (Boston University), Jack Kelly (Northeastern University), and special guest Dr. Nathan Phillips: Earth & Environment Professor at Boston University and Acting Director of BU’s Sustainable Neighborhood Lab.

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