A New Natural Gas Project in Mozambique Gives Locals All of the Costs and None of the Benefits

A $30 billion liquefied natural gas project in the Rovuma Basin of Mozambique has damaged ecosystems and displaced inhabiting citizens.



What's your favorite way to transport liquefied natural gas?

A few months ago, The Guardian did a five-month investigation into “carbon bombs,” or fossil fuel projects that would, over the course of their life, emit over one billion tons of carbon. They found that there are 195 planned oil and gas carbon bombs around the world, and if they proceed as planned, these projects alone would blow past internationally agreed upon climate targets. For our third deep dive on carbon bombs, we take a look at the Rovuma Basin: a 39,767 square foot region primarily off the coast of northern Mozambique. The Rovuma Basin is home to a 30 billion dollar offshore liquefied natural gas project set to emit about a billion tons of carbon dioxide over the next three decades. In addition to the global climate impact, this project has damaged crucial surrounding ecosystems, displaced hundreds of families, and potentially worsened an armed insurgency that has been playing out in the region for years. And unfortunately, while local Mozambicans have had to endure these consequences, they have seen none of the jobs, money, or electricity resulting from this project. Today, we explore what is happening at the Rovuma Basin, how it has impacted the local community, and what a path forward might look like. With special guest Dr. Ruy Blanes: Associate Professor of Global Studies at the University of Gothenburg.

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