Big Oil on TikTok? Here’s 3 Ways to Let Gen Z Know That Fossil Fuels are a “Slayy”

Here are a few ways that fossil fuel companies, while trying to combat the increasingly negative public opinions they're receiving, can market to younger audiences.

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For some reason unbeknownst to us at The Sweaty Penguin, younger people have very antagonistic attitudes towards fossil fuel companies. In an effort to sway public opinion among young people, oil companies have been turning to new social media platforms like TikTok. If you’re an oil executive, take a look at these 3 other inventive new strategies to reach the next generation of fossil fuel stans.

  1. 1 Squishmallows

    These adorable little guys were all over the internet last year, so as an out of touch corporate entity, now is the perfect time to get in on the trend! Try designing a cute little mascot of your favorite soon-to-be extinct victim of pollution. There are so many great options! Oh god. So, so many.

  2. 2 Music Festival Pop-Ups

    We’ve all seen the interactive brand pop-ups at Coachella and Lolla. Fresh & fun games and giveaways for passersby are always bound to generate a great new customer base. Speaking personally, I used to be scared to speak to women, but after the Bumble Pop-Up at Lollapalooza, I am now an expert at crafting instantly toxic relationships! For the both of us! Get a little creative with your pop-up. Maybe try competitive wrestling in a pool of crude oil, or even a simulation game of Burn Down The Rainforest to get kids excited about the great opportunities of Unclean Energy.

  3. 3 Branded Vape Products

    Who says young people don’t like breathing in harmful chemicals? Prove the health nuts wrong when you release your cutting edge fossil-fuel vape cartridges. It’s just like a fast food celebrity meal, except the food is metal inhaled directly into the lungs and the celebrity is one of the most destructive industries in all of history!

    Of course, these 3 ideas are just a start. If you are a fellow titan of industry with another great idea of how to get the kids into the epic swag of off-shore fracking, be sure to leave us an email.

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  1. I think it is critically important that people start looking at Geoengineering and acknowledging that it is VERY REAL – AND acknowledging its impact on our environment. Its use and the chemicals being sprayed are directly influencing issues relative to climate change, yet NO ONE is talking about it, other than Dane Wigington. I urge you to look at the attached, learn more, and share with others.