Hey, Babe, Do You Want Me to Turn the Air Conditioning Off Tonight, Or Leave It On And Emit Hydrofleurocarbons Into the Atmosphere

Babe? Babe, are you up? … Babe? Oh, you were asleep? Oh I’m sorry, no you can go back to bed in one second, I just have a super...

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Consumers Angry to Learn There is No Discount on Gold Deposits in Amazon Rainforest if They Have Amazon Prime

After Brazilian president Michel Temer lifted protections on the 46,000 square kilometer Renca reserve in the Amazon which is predicted to contain gold and other valuable minerals, consumers around...

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Environmental Hero: The Moon Just Flew in Front of the Sun to Cool Off the Planet For a Couple Minutes

WOW! If you thought Superman was a hero, then take a step back because this courageous cosmo just saved the ENTIRE PLANET from looming disaster. That’s right. After seeing...

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Report: Indian Forests Don’t Want New Protections if the Air is Just Gonna Smell Like Car Fumes

Stating regret that the Government of India signed a USD 24.64 million grant agreement with the World Bank to preserve and enhance forests in the states of Chhattisgarh and Madhya...

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Huge Blunder: The U.N. Just Printed Their Anti-Deforestation Plan on Non-Recycled Paper

In what may be the biggest political blunder since the election of King Tut, the United Nations just printed out their anti-deforestation plan on non-recycled pieces of paper. Having...

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Study: Young People Our Best Hope for Conserving Humans

According to a new scientific study published by Boston College students, young people are reported to be the best hope for the conservation of the human species. Citing evidence...

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