Bonus: Owen Started the Canada Wildfires

Ethan welcomes back Hallie Cordingley, Owen Reith, and Sabrina Rollings in a high-stakes Kahoot game.


Bonus Episode 23 Poll

What Crime Should Owen Commit Next?

The Winner’s Circle is back! Ethan welcomes Producer Hallie Cordingley back to the show to first share some behind the scenes stories and insights regarding Boston University’s New Venture Competition, where Hallie pitched The Sweaty Penguin and won the first place $20K prize. Then, Hallie looks to defend her championship from our first Winner’s Circle against the two most recent Kahoot champions: Producer Owen Reith and Social Media Manager Sabrina Rollings. Whether you’ve followed our past Kahoots or it’s your first time, join us for a trivia contest on some of the biggest environmental news stories over the last year and find out who will be crowned the ultimate Sweaty Penguin Kahoot champion.

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