Bonus: Take Your Kahootzpah

Ethan hosts the season 6 finale where team members Madeleine Salman, Sabrina Rollings, and Emma Jones face off in a game of Kahoot.


For the first time, Ethan welcomes to the show our Associate Producer Madeleine Salman, Social Media Manager Sabrina Rollings, and Researcher Emma Jones. They’ll discuss what they do behind the scenes, share some details on our new projects around TikTok and creating educational resources for classrooms, and then face off in a Sweaty Penguin Kahoot recapping season 6. See how much you remember from the program and find out who will be the next Sweaty Penguin Kahoot champion.

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Editor: Megan Antone

Producers: Ethan Brown, Hallie Cordingley, Shannon Damiano, Owen Reith

Ad Voiceover: Madeleine Salman

Music: Brett Sawka

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