Can Permitting Barriers Be Overcome to Accelerate Clean Energy?

Clean energy projects can take several years to be approved in the U.S. How can permitting reform present a solution?

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For 53 years, permitting has been a core tenet of environmental protection in the United States, requiring a variety of projects to receive environmental impact statements and public input. But as clean energy, electricity transition, and forest management projects have faced delays of several years due to this bureaucratic process, many have questioned if the current permitting system could be doing more harm than good. Last month, Congress took a first step by passing the bipartisan Fiscal Responsibility Act (FRA), but permitting absolutely still has room to improve. Today, we explore the opportunities permitting presents, what challenges the process has created, and how the system could reach its full potential as an environmental solution. With special guest Danielle Stokes: Assistant Professor of Law at Richmond University.

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