Eastern Hemlocks Are Declining. Here’s Why That Matters.

Eastern Hemlock trees, which store more carbon than many other species, are being attacked by invasive insects. Why does this matter?

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What is your favorite type of tree?

The state tree of Pennsylvania, the Eastern Hemlock is a majestic, ancient tree species found across the Eastern United States and Canada that offers shelter, food, and protection for over 120 vertebrates. It also has special characteristics that make it much more effective at storing carbon than most other tree species. But unfortunately, an invasive insect called the hemlock woolly adelgid has been wreaking havoc on the Eastern Hemlock, and as climate change worsens, these pests have been able to invade further and further north. Today, we explore why Eastern Hemlocks are declining, why it matters, and how we can protect them moving forward. With special guest Dr. Danielle Ignace: Assistant Professor of Indigenous Natural Sciences at the University of British Columbia.

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