Environmental Art: Understand the Message Before Throwing Soup at It

From today’s environmental artists to cave etchings of animal reproductive cycles, art tells a story of survival and resilience.



What is your favorite type of art to do?

In 2022, climate activists around the world engaged in a string of protests throwing food at famous artworks such as Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers,” Monet’s “Grainstacks,” and da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa.” The protests received their fair share of criticism for failing to engage new people in the climate movement, but what may have been overshadowed was the actual environmental messages hidden in these pieces of artwork. In fact, from today’s prolific environmental artists to famous Renaissance figures to Mayas who didn’t even use the word “artist” to cry magnons 20,000 years ago etching animal reproductive cycles onto caves, so many pieces of art tell an environmental story and teach us something about the survival and resilience of humanity. Today, we explore what it might mean to be “environmental art,” some of the environmental impacts of art, and how we can appreciate a connection between environment and art that goes beyond throwing mashed potatoes on famous paintings. With special guest Geraldina Wise: Artist in Residence at the University of Houston Cullen School of Engineering.

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