EPISODE SWAP! “Hazard NJ” Episode 2: America’s Biggest Crime Scene

“Hazard NJ” takes a look at the polluted Passaic River, the uncertain timeline of its cleanup, and how storms can worsen the pollution.

Source: Hazard NJ

“Hazard NJ” is another environmental podcast from The WNET Group covering Superfund sites in New Jersey. They will be releasing four new episodes this fall to take fresh looks at the relationship between these Superfund sites and climate change, starting on September 28th. We hope you enjoy this episode, and encourage you to subscribe to “Hazard NJ” wherever you get your podcasts.

Our regularly scheduled “Tip of the Iceberg” and “Deep Dive” episodes will resume next week.

About the episode:

The chemical company Diamond Alkali, one of the nations main producers of Agent Orange, spent years dumping chemical waste into the Passaic River and polluting Newark’s Ironbound neighborhood. In the early 80’s, state and federal authorities pledged to clean the mess up but today, nearly 40 years later, toxic mud still lies beneath the water. Now the cleanup is facing a $1.8 billion price tag, an uncertain timeline, and the growing threat that intense storms fueled by climate change could stir the pollution up.

About the show:

New Jersey is home to the largest number of Superfund sites in the country — and while federal cleanup is underway — the bigger threat to them now is climate change. Flooding, fires, and rising sea levels could make life even harder for those who live nearby. Hazard NJ digs through the muck of each contaminated site to give a clearer picture of what the threat is and what it will take to clean it up before it’s too late. Hosted by journalist Jordan Gass-Poore’, produced by NJ Spotlight News.

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