Floods Have Solutions, Even in a Changing Climate

In the age of climate change, how can we assess flood risk, adapt, and prevent future floods across the world?



What is your go-to mode of flood transportation?

In the last few months, catastrophic floods have ravaged parts of Libya, Myanmar, Cameroon, India, and Somalia, not to mention several such disasters in the United States. Climate change and floods have an interesting relationship — scientists contend climate change may be leading to fewer floods overall, but the floods that do happen become much more intense, particularly in urban areas. As overwhelming as this reality can be, it’s equally important to remember that even in a changing climate, floods have solutions. Ethan explores how climate change will impact future floods and how communities can assess flood risk, prevent floods, adapt to floods, and rethink floods in this week’s “Tip of the Iceberg.”

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Writer: Ethan Brown, Velina Georgi, Mo Polyak, Emma Quarequio

Fact Checker: Aana Shenai

Editor: Megan Antone

Producers: Ethan Brown, Hallie Cordingley, Shannon Damiano, Megan Antone

Ad Voiceover: Mo Polyak

Music: Brett Sawka

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