How Do We Save the Bees?

In the most recent wave of losses, beekeepers in the United States lost 45.5 percent of their managed honeybee colonies.



If you were a bee, what would your dance move be?

The United States has seen numerous waves of lost honeybee colonies in the last few decades, most recently between April 2020 and April 2021 where beekeepers in the United States lost 45.5 percent of their managed honeybee colonies. Bees are facing numerous threats from pesticides, infestations, climate change, and more, and these population declines have a major impact on the agriculture sector, environment, and overall economy. Today, we explore what challenges bees face, why they matter, and how we can better conserve bees moving forward. With special guest Dr. Christina Grozinger, Vergilius Maro Professor of Entomology at Pennsylvania State University.

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