How Puerto Rico’s El Yunque National Forest Responded to Hurricane Maria

The only tropical forest in the U.S. houses endangered species and sources half of the water supply for the San Juan metro area.

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Have you ever been to El Yunque National Forest?

Located in northeastern Puerto Rico, El Yunque National Forest is the only tropical forest in the United States, the home to many rare species such as the critically endangered Puerto Rican parrot, and the source of 50% of the water supply for the San Juan metro area. It also is one of the most important destinations in the Caribbean for ecotourism, hosting one million visitors and contributing $5.5 billion to the Puerto Rican economy every year. But between more severe droughts and more extreme hurricanes such as Maria, the forest is undergoing several changes that could put many of these important ecosystem services at risk. Today, we explore the significance of El Yunque, what risks hurricanes and droughts pose to the forest and nearby communities, and how the forest and island can adapt for the future. With special guest Dr. Maria Uriarte: Professor of Biology at Columbia University.

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