Israel’s Energy Dilemma: Leviathan Gas Field vs Clean Tech Solutions

Despite many innovative clean energy ideas, they are barely executed in Israel, home of the problematic carbon bomb Leviathan Gas Field.

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Leviathan Gas Field

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In February, Ethan had the opportunity to travel to Israel and participate in the Jerusalem Press Club’s Climate Innovation Press Tour, meet several clean tech CEOs, and learn about Israel’s cutting edge climate solutions. But despite all these clean energy ideas, shockingly few have actually been implemented in Israel. Instead, Israel’s big energy project has been the Leviathan Gas Field: an offshore natural gas formation about 81 miles west of Haifa in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. With the potential to emit 1.06 billion tons of carbon dioxide, the Leviathan Gas Field is one of the 195  “carbon bombs” identified in last year’s investigative report by The Guardian. Though it has only been in production for three-and-a-half years, the Leviathan Gas Field has already misled on its environmental damage, heightened international tensions in the region, and struggled to live up to its economic promise. Today, we explore what issues have arisen at the Leviathan Gas Field, what solutions Israel has in-house to tackle energy and climate, and what needs to happen to make those innovations a reality. With special guest Dr. Tareq Abu Hamed: Executive Director of the Arava Institute of Environmental Studies.

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