Meet the Surprising Organizations Who Hire Fossil Fuel Lobbyists

Over the past decade, fossil fuel companies has invested heavily into lobbying as a means of gaining power. What does this mean for individuals?

Source: Mark Dixon

A new bombshell investigation from F Minus released this month found more than 1,500 lobbyists in the United States are working on behalf of fossil fuel companies while, at the same time, representing some of our favorite cities, universities, public school districts, tech companies, restaurants, sports teams, museums, environmental groups, and even ski resorts. That’s certainly not to say these organizations are being disingenuous, but it does create vulnerability since lobbyists can share information between clients, and it creates conflicts of interest if a pro-environment organization is represented by a lobbyist tasked with lobbying against a pro-environment bill on behalf of a fossil fuel client. Ethan breaks down some of the nuance necessary to understand this investigation, argues why the fossil fuel industry is making a poor business decision investing so heavily into lobbying, and invites you to The Sweaty Penguin’s “Fossil Fuel Correspondents Dinner” to meet some of the notable and surprising organizations hiring fossil fuel lobbyists in this week’s “Tip of the Iceberg.” The Sweaty Penguin is presented by Peril and Promise: a public media initiative from The WNET Group in New York, reporting on the issues and solutions around climate change. You can learn more at Support the show and unlock exclusive merch, bonus content, and more for as little as $5/month at


Writers: Ethan Brown, Velina Georgie, Mo Polyak, Emma Quarequio

Fact Checker: Mikaela Gonzalez

Editor: Megan Antone


Ethan Brown, Hallie Cordingley, Shannon Damiano, Owen Reith

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