Monkeypox: Combatting Zoonotic Diseases in a Changing Climate

As climate change worsens and zoonotic diseases spread more easily, how do we prepare for more outbreaks like monkeypox?

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What's your favorite type of monkey?

Monkeypox — a zoonotic disease native to tropical rainforest regions of central and west Africa — has spread outside its usual range, reaching Europe and North America. Seeing the global reaction to this new pathogen prompted a few questions. How serious is monkeypox? Why were we not discussing monkeypox when it was causing dozens of deaths in the Democratic Republic of Congo earlier this year? Why are we not discussing other pathogens in the Global South right now? And as climate change worsens and zoonotic diseases spread more easily, how do we prepare? Ethan contemplates all these questions and more in this week’s “Tip of the Iceberg.”

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