**NOT CLICKBAIT** 5 of the Hottest Pics Ever

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This is NOT clickbait or spam, all you gotta do is scroll on down for some of the hottest pictures you’ve EVER seen👀! They’re all SMEXY HOT for different reasons, because hey….everyone likes a lil’ something different. But the one thing they all have in common? They’re all smokin’ hot. Now are you ready to see those pics? 👅👅👀💦😍😋😋

  1. 1 Mmmm mm mmm, check out how hot Dallas, Texas looks in this photo:

    This is a smokin’ hot photo of Dallas from earlier this month when it hit 100 Degrees! Wowee. Dallas hasn’t been looking this hot since 1911, which is the last time it hit triple digits. That’s right, Dallas is SETTING RECORDS with how hot it is! You’re welcome…enjoy the pic! 💦😍

  2. 2 Okay, someone cool me off after looking at this photo of Biarritz, France:

    Bonjour, Biarritz! You’re looking hot today! That’s probably because you hit 109.2 degrees a few days ago, right? And that was an all-time record, right? Well whatever you’re doing is obviously working. Except it’s not! Because the Earth is perpetually warming and climate change is real, and we’re finally understanding this by seeing the HOTTEST PICTURES EVER! Oh, sorry what? Yeah, I was just saying you look soooo hot. 

  3. 3 No way… Switzerland broke its neutrality and took this CRAZY HOT PHOTO:

    Look, Switzerland being “Mr. Nice Guy” worked for awhile, but now that we’ve seen this HOT pic of Switzerland there’s no going back! In this photo, Switzerland is 98.4 degrees, its hottest June temperature ever. Zoo We Mama! Or more like Zoo Wee Must Do Something About Global Warming!

  4. 4 We know her, we love her…check out this hot picture of Death Valley:

    She’s Kim K, she’s Heidi Klum, she’s the hottest of the hot…. And she knows it. She even flaunts it in her name! But this summer, Death Valley is bringing hot to a whole ‘nother level. Temperatures reached as high as 123 degrees, which is a frightening level of hotness that begs us to urgently address climate change.

  5. 5 It’s not even funny how hot this picture of Jacobabad is…

    No really, it’s not! Jacobabad is known as one of the hottest cities in the world and since March 2022 has been in the throes of a devastating heat wave that has caused electricity shortages, illnesses, and deaths. Jacobabad has had temperatures over 100 degrees for more than 50 days, so truly this hot pic is not funny.

    In fact, none of these photos are. They all paint a dire picture of a warming planet and a dangerous future, unless we work to slow climate change now. So channel that energy you had in checking out **HOT PICS** into working towards building a greener and cooler planet!

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