Over Half of the World’s Penguin Species Are Threatened

Live from Hollywood, Ethan breaks down the climate, pollution, and commercial fishing issues facing the podcast's namesake.

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What's your favorite type of penguin?

We at The Sweaty Penguin may be biased, but penguins are a really cool animal. They play important roles in their ecosystems, they drive tourism revenue for many communities, and they themselves are fascinating for a number of their special traits and rituals. But unfortunately, 11 out of 18 penguin species are globally threatened, with climate change, pollution, and commercial fishing all playing major roles in penguins’ decline. Coming to you from Third Wheel Hollywood, in our first in-person episode with an audience, we explore why penguins are important, why their populations are changing, and where we go from here. With special guest Dr. Heather Lynch: Institute for Advanced Computational Sciences Endowed Chair for Ecology & Evolution at Stony Brook University.

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