The Sweaty Penguin: Antarctica's Hottest Podcast

Each episode of The Sweaty Penguin focuses on one specific environmental problem. We welcome two guests with minimal prior knowledge of the problem, one more conservative and one more liberal. After a late-night-comedy-style monologue explaining the problem and various possible solutions, the host and guests interview a professional with expertise in that particular problem and then have a conversation where the guests form first impressions. In each episode, we aim to find common ground, both on what the problem is and some strategies to solve it.

9. Asthma

With special guest Dr. Elizabeth Garland: pediatrician and Professor of Environmental Medicine and Public Health at the Icahn School...

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Bonus: Socks, Sandals, and Barbecue Fires

Updates on environmental news and episodes 5-8 with The Sweaty Penguin Producers Shannon Damiano, Frank Hernandez, and Caroline Koehl.

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8. Natural Gas Compressor Stations

With special guests Nell Curtin (Boston University), Jack Kelly (Northeastern University), and Dr. Nathan Phillips: Earth & Environment Professor...

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7. Earthquakes

With special guests Joe LoDuca (University of Connecticut), Mollie McGrann (UCLA), and Dr. Robert Buchwaldt: Earth & Environment Research...

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6. Rare Earth Minerals

With special guests Joe Perrotta (Marist College), Melani Zuckerman (Boston University), and Dr. Julie Klinger: Professor of Geography at...

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Meet the Team

The Sweaty Penguin is run by four Boston University students with a mix of environmental experience and communications experience. We aim to share environmental issues in an understandable, fun way!


Host and Executive Producer

Majors: Environmental Analysis & Policy and Film & Television

Hometown: Bethel, CT

Favorite Penguin: Hugsy, Joey’s bedtime penguin pal in Friends


Content Producer

Majors: Environmental Analysis & Policy and International Relations

Hometown: Orono, MN

Favorite Penguin: Pablo from The Backyardigans


Technical Producer

Major: Journalism

Hometown: Caguas, Puerto Rico

Favorite Penguin: Adélie penguins


Graphics and Social Media

Major: Journalism

Hometown: Spring Lake Heights, NJ

Favorite Penguin: A little tiny baby one


Health Win: FritoLay Unveils Baked Lead Paint Chips With 50% Less Lead Than the Original Variety

FRITOLAY HQ—In an unprecedented move that has flipped the entire chip industry on its side, FritoLay announced that they would begin baking lead paint chips as opposed to deep-frying...

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Nature Is Healing: Yosemite’s Wild Motorcycle Population Returns

YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK—Amidst a mountain of sad news sharing the struggle to conserve endangered animals, this story can give us all hope. In Yosemite National Park in California, researchers...

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Inspiring: These Penguins Celebrated Earth Day By Carpooling to Their Jobs

Get ready for a story that will melt your heart and the polar ice caps! In honor of Earth Day, these penguins decided to save energy by carpooling to...

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U.S. Dept of Energy Calls Planet Literally on Fire “Freedom Planet”

WASHINGTON DC—Following last week’s news release where the United States Department of Energy referred to natural gas as “freedom gas,” the department doubled down when they referred to the...

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We Just Found Out the SECRET MENU at the Yosemite Starbucks, And YOU WON’T BELIEVE What’s on It!

YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK – If you thought Yosemite National Park was a hidden gem in itself, you WON’T BELIEVE the hidden gems inside the Starbucks that just opened there....

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Hey, Babe, Do You Want Me to Turn the Air Conditioning Off Tonight, Or Leave It On And Emit Hydrofleurocarbons Into the Atmosphere

Babe? Babe, are you up? … Babe? Oh, you were asleep? Oh I’m sorry, no you can go back to bed in one second, I just have a super...

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