The Sweaty Penguin: Antarctica's Hottest Podcast

Each episode of The Sweaty Penguin focuses on one specific environmental problem. We welcome two guests with minimal prior knowledge of the problem, one more conservative and one more liberal. After a late-night-comedy-style monologue explaining the problem and various possible solutions, the host and guests interview a professional with expertise in that particular problem and then have a conversation where the guests form first impressions. In each episode, we aim to find common ground, both on what the problem is and some strategies to solve it.

1. Traffic

With special guests Christian Alberga (Williams College), Matt Grottkau (Washington University), and Dr. Cutler Cleveland: Professor of Earth &...

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Meet the Team

The Sweaty Penguin is run by four Boston University students with a mix of environmental experience and communications experience. We aim to share environmental issues in an understandable, fun way!


Host and Executive Producer

Majors: Environmental Analysis & Policy and Film & Television

Hometown: Bethel, CT

Favorite Penguin: Hugsy, Joey’s bedtime penguin pal in Friends


Content Producer

Majors: Environmental Analysis & Policy and International Relations

Hometown: Orono, MN

Favorite Penguin: Pablo from The Backyardigans


Technical Producer

Major: Journalism

Hometown: Caguas, Puerto Rico

Favorite Penguin: Adélie penguins


Graphics and Social Media

Major: Journalism

Hometown: Spring Lake Heights, NJ

Favorite Penguin: A little tiny baby one


The Sweaty Penguin’s Earth Overshoot Day Cards

Nothing is more stressful than the holidays, which is why here at The Sweaty Penguin, we are dedicated to helping our loyal readers make it through big days like...

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Wins Top Environment Certificate For Releasing Eco-Friendly Gasses Upon Battery Explosion

After a minor blunder where phones burst into flames inside users’ pockets, Samsung is proud to have just received the Top Environment Certificate for the Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone....

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Lake Tahoe Now Whistling Like a Tea Kettle

SIERRA NEVADA – As of 11:05pm this evening, sources report that Lake Tahoe began to make a whistling sound resembling that of a tea kettle. Noting the lake’s extremely...

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What Hurts More: A Bee Sting, Or the Knowledge That the Sting Caused the Bee to Die And the Bee Population to Drop Ever So Slightly Which in the Long Run Could Cause the Death of All of Humanity?

To our loyal readers, we pose a deep, scientific question. What hurts more: a bee sting, or the knowledge that the sting caused the bee to die and the...

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6 Ways to Incorporate the Sonic Slinger Into Your Diet

Well, it looks like sustainability is the best road to flavor after all! Sonic Drive-In has begun launching a brand new burger recipe, the Sonic Slinger, which is 25-30%...

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Hey, Babe, Should I Buy a Recycled Paper Notebook, Or Just Allow a Tree to Get Cut Down So We Can Have a Fresh One?

Hey, babe, I’m heading out to an office supply store (editor’s note: if you are the CEO of Staples or OfficeMax or something reading this and you want your...

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