The Sweaty Penguin: Antarctica's Hottest Podcast

Each episode of The Sweaty Penguin focuses on one specific environmental problem. We welcome two guests with minimal prior knowledge of the problem, one more conservative and one more liberal. After a late-night-comedy-style monologue explaining the problem and various possible solutions, the host and guests interview a professional with expertise in that particular problem and then have a conversation where the guests form first impressions. In each episode, we aim to find common ground, both on what the problem is and some strategies to solve it.

Meet the Team

The Sweaty Penguin is run by four Boston University students with a mix of environmental experience and communications experience. We aim to share environmental issues in an understandable, fun way!


Host and Executive Producer

Majors: Environmental Analysis & Policy and Film & Television

Hometown: Bethel, CT

Favorite Penguin: Hugsy, Joey’s bedtime penguin pal in Friends


Content Producer

Majors: Environmental Analysis & Policy and International Relations

Hometown: Orono, MN

Favorite Penguin: Pablo from The Backyardigans


Technical Producer

Major: Journalism

Hometown: Caguas, Puerto Rico

Favorite Penguin: Adélie penguins


Graphics and Social Media

Major: Journalism

Hometown: Spring Lake Heights, NJ

Favorite Penguin: A little tiny baby one


Inspiring: Meet The Bald Eagle Who Grew His Hair Back

Wow! If this news doesn’t spice up your Fourth of July, I don’t know what will! This morning, The Sweaty Penguin received confirmation that a bald eagle in Alaska had,...

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Panicked MasterChef Contestant Has Catastrophic Oil Spill

While cooking a cajun fried chicken entree in her MasterChef debut, Pamela Kukingzprae of Delaware was reported to have a huge oil spill in the kitchen. “I was flipping...

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The Sweaty Penguin’s Ten Tips on Safety With Drinking Water

This week, the United States Environmental Protection Agency rescinded the Clean Water Act, aiming to return water regulatory powers to the states. With clean water on people’s minds, we...

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Researchers Are Designing Artificial Clouds to Protect the Great Barrier Reef, And They’re Already on Cloud 9!

Buckle up everyone, because the future is here and it’s AWESOME! After the Great Barrier Reef shrunk by almost two-thirds in the year 2016, researchers at the Sydney Institute...

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Oh Shucks! This Arizona Family Tried to Bake Cookies on the Ground, But The Cookie Dough Vaporized Upon Contact

Phoenix, AZ – Upon news of the weather forecast predicting record-high temperatures in Phoenix, Arizona this week, the Eeyum family decided to try baking cookies on the ground. The father,...

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Hey, Babe, Do You Want Me to Recycle This Jar, Or Should I Put It in the Trash And Let It Produce Methane in a Landfill?

Hey, babe, I just finished the mayonnaise. Do we recycle jars, or do we put them in the trash and let them produce methane in a landfill? I know...

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