The Sweaty Penguin

Hosted ByEthan Brown

The most fun you've ever had while learning environmental issues! Episodes include a comedy monologue and expert interview. Welcome to Antarctica's Hottest Podcast.

Bonus: Annoying Orange Jr.

In the final episode of season 1, Ethan sits down with The Sweaty Penguin Researchers Olivia, Megan, and Dain to discuss the most recent four episodes and their reflections on the season. After that, he chats with the Producers Shannon, Frank, and Caroline to recap season 1 and preview season 2, which begins next week on Friday, 10/16. We’ve also got some new environmental news, and some updates on the John Oliver Memorial Sewer Plant in Danbury, CT. It’s a jam-packed bonus episode today, so don’t miss it!

I started this podcast six months ago with high hopes for something that would continue for multiple seasons, but I couldn’t have imagined we’d stick it out for a 20-episode season with weekly episodes and still be rearing to go for season 2 with no break! While it takes a lot of time to put together each episode, I couldn’t be more proud of this podcast, and I feel like I gave each topic my full attention and thought. We’ve got a lot of exciting new topics and guests coming in season 2, and I can’t wait to get it started!

For the first time, we’ve got a 3-segment bonus episode where I got to chat with all six other team members about the season. I loved hearing everyone’s thoughts, and encourage you to check out our reflection on the last twenty episodes. If you started listening to the podcast mid-season or haven’t listened to every episode and want to catch up, this episode has some recommendations for where to start too!

Thank you for sticking with us through these first 20 episodes! Here’s to the next 20!


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