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Bonus: Cyclone Simba

After some of the latest environmental news updates, Matt Grottkau and Christian Alberga sit back down with Ethan for a bipartisan chat about episode 13: “Wild Salmon.”

The Wild Salmon episode was a really interesting one, and I hope this great chat with Christian and Matt brings some more attention to it. It’s got a bit of everything: tricky political issues for the policy lover, important ecology for the science fan, and for a new listener, well, it’s about a great food! Wild salmon was definitely a newer topic to both Christian and Matt (probably more so than the previous episodes they’ve joined me for), so it was really interesting to hear their opinions on the issue, and how much they ended up agreeing on. With each facet of the issue, whether it be hydroelectric dams, allocation of conservation funds, negotiation with indigenous communities, or interstate/international dispute, Christian and Matt seemed to always come back to tradeoffs, and both seemed confident that wild salmon is an important piece of those tradeoffs. With the species so vulnerable, protecting it seems to make a lot of sense. If we don’t, there’s really no turning back.

Go check out episode 13 on Wild Salmon, and then join us for another fun bipartisan conversation!


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