Red Spruce: How Climate Change Could Impact Nova Scotia’s Provincial Tree

Red Spruces are faced with droughts, cold fronts, and acid rain. What does the future look like for these important trees?



If you're a Red Spruce, which fungus are you taking to prom?

What do flying squirrels, acid rain, and violins have in common? They are all connected to the Red Spruce — a coniferous tree found in northeastern North America that provides a habitat for many animals, stores carbon very effectively, and is used for a variety of important products, most notably to create the soundboards of string instruments. But between droughts, cold waves, pests, and the lingering impacts of acid rain, Red Spruces are under threat. Today, we explore why Red Spruces matter, what new challenges have arisen for them, and what comes next for this important tree. With special guest Dr. Alexandra Kosiba: Extension Assistant Professor of Forestry at the University of Vermont.

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