Rice: How Climate Change and Export Bans Skyrocketed Global Prices

The globally accessible crop comes with its own set of challenges, and at the root of them is climate change.

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What is your favorite cursed use for rice?

A staple food for over half the world population, rice is perhaps one of the most universally enjoyed foods. But recently, as India enacted an export ban on rice and other countries have considered the same, global prices have spiked, Americans began panic buying, and many farmers and consumers around the world have suffered the consequences. At the root of the problem is climate change. Today, we explore how climate change impacts rice, why rice has a surprisingly high impact on climate change, and what common sense solutions could make rice farming more sustainable in the future. With special guest Dr. Sonali McDermid: Associate Professor of Environmental Studies at New York University.

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Writers: Ainsley Jane Tambling, Hallie Cordingley, Velina Georgi, Ethan Brown

Fact Checker: Alia Bonanno

Editor: Saige Gipson

Producers: Ethan Brown, Hallie Cordingley, Shannon Damiano, Megan Antone

Ad Voiceover: Mo Polyak

Music: Brett Sawka

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