Screw Climate Change. We Ranked the Bananas.

Climate change might be important, but is it on the same level as bananas? Yeah, I didn't think so.


Climate change is worsening every year, but sometimes, another project takes priority. That’s why all of us at The Sweaty Penguin decided it was of the utmost importance to break down which bananas are best. Will their environmental impact factor into the rankings? Eh, we’ll see. Let’s dive in.

  1. 1 Yellow Banana

    Well, there’s really nothing better than a nice yellow banana. Tastes good, and the outside makes a great compost. Cool!

  2. 2 Brown Banana

    It looks gross, but there’s a chance that you’ll luck out with a ripe inside when you break open a brown banana. The mushy parts are gross, but you can eat around it. And definitely compost it when you finish.

  3. 3 (tie) Green Banana and Black Banana

    Tied for third are the green banana and the black banana. The black banana usually goes straight into the compost because nobody wants to eat it, whereas the green banana can be put to the side and eaten in a few days, where the peel will also go in the compost. Either way, it is getting composted, and that’s just great.

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Ethan Brown

Ethan is a recent graduate of Boston University from Bethel, Connecticut with a dual degree in Environmental Analysis & Policy and Film & Television.


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