Solar Power Is Clean and Cheap, But Still Has Challenges to Overcome

The industry still contends with human rights and geopolitical dilemmas, issues with siting, and more as solar technology scales up.

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What shape do you think solar panels should be?

Solar energy is clean, cheap, renewable, and surprisingly land-efficient, making it a really exciting technology to scale up. But to do that as effectively as possible, solar has some challenges to confront, from human rights and geopolitical dilemmas in the manufacturing process to siting challenges to the fact that people’s electricity use spikes in the evening when the Sun isn’t shining. Today, we consider the potential of solar power to improve the climate and energy sector overall, contemplate some of the challenges in the supply chain, and consider how solar can achieve its full potential. With special guest Dr. Dustin Mulvaney, Professor of Environmental Studies at San José State University.

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