Stilt Houses: How an Ancient Architectural Design Could Become a Climate Solution

Stilt houses offer coastal communities a way to adapt to climate change, reducing flood risk and increasing tourism revenue.



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As climate change has driven increasing sea level rise, hurricanes, and floods, coastal communities have had to come up with new, innovative ways to adapt to their changing environments. One such idea has been around for millennia: stilt houses, or houses build on elevated platformed raised by pillared scaffolding. Stilt houses can reduce flood risk, and even offer better ventilation, local tourism revenue, and in the Arctic, less risk to the permafrost beneath them. But stilt houses have challenges to overcome, from vulnerability to wind, earthquakes, and permafrost thaw to inaccessibility to social stigmas. Today, we explore what opportunities stilt houses present, what issues they face, and what needs to happen for this climate solution to live up to its full potential. With special guest Dr. Thang Dao: Associate Professor of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering at the University of Alabama.

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