Tell Us Your Favorite Decade of Music and We’ll Tell You Which Car-Centric Infrastructure You Are

Cars take up a lot of room, especially in urban areas. Pick your musical decade to find out which car-related location fits you best.

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With gas prices on the rise across the country, we’re all more aware of our dependence on cars than ever. But besides hurting our wallets for gas and insurance, cars hurt the environment and urban fabric too, with their incredible demand for space and infrastructure. Tell us your favorite decade of music, and we’ll tell you which lovely piece of damaging car infrastructure you are.

  1. What is your favorite decade of music?

    1. 2020s/Present day
    2. Y2K
    3. 90s
    4. 80s
    5. 70s
    6. 60s
    7. 50s
    8. Classical

Tell Us Your Favorite Decade of Music and We’ll Tell You Which Car-Centric Infrastructure You Are

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  1. Quiz result

    2020s/Present day

    It’s great to see you’re on the cutting edge, a very forward-thinking individual. However, you can still get stuck in the past, and you’re working with a lot of old (bad) habits. Like this pedestrian overpass in Las Vegas! Overpasses are more a symptom of the disease, rather than the cause, but it’s important to think about why you aren’t safe to walk on the roads where you live. Spoiler: You might see Las Vegas a lot on this quiz.

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    Glitz and Glamor could be your middle name, and sequins are your drug of choice. You’re Musk’s Las Vegas Hyperloop: a fancy “high-tech” solution to traffic that is more dangerous, more expensive, and less effective than an ordinary subway.

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    You live life at a fast pace. You’re destined for commercial success, and don’t have time to be waiting around for silly things like “pedestrian safety.” You’re a Stroad: a high-speed arterial road with spectacularly dangerous intersections leading to nothing but strip-malls and fast food.

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    You love larger-than-life stadium spectacles, which is why we’re designating you as the Magnificent 26-lane Katy Freeway in Houston, Texas. The widest highway in the world also has the worst traffic, so you can marvel at the exhaust fumes while considering how unsustainable the use of concrete is, too.

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    Ahhh, the 70s. A great cultural explosion which led to the rise of disco music, home video games, and good ol’ gasoline. It turns out that overseas conflict causing horrendous gas prices isn’t just a 2022 thing! Thankfully we’ve built our cities so that you need gas to get pretty much everywhere.

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    A love for psychedelica? Or just a yearn for a simple life in the past? Either way, you’re bound to love our pick for you: the winding, circlical, and often incomprehensible road layouts of classic suburban development. Check out this nauseating neighborhood layout in Las Vegas!

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    Bruatlist architecture rose to prominence in the 50s, and nothing says “brutal” like a 7 story slab of concrete and metal. You’re a parking garage, whether you like it or not. Maybe if you’re lucky, you can be like this Miami garage, which hides our reliance on fossil fuels with a vibrant, pop-art design.

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    You have an appreciation for the finer things in life, and are an old soul at heart. You recognize that sometimes to make the right choices for the future, you need to learn from the past. You’re Toronto's streetcar network, connecting downtown passengers without the need to pay for parking, gas, or ridiculous concrete structures.

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